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20 most recent comments by xxx (21-40)

regarding some deleted poem... 15-Jan-07/5:44 PM
regarding some deleted poem... 18-Jan-07/7:37 AM
My lovely wife likes the first version better, but Shuushin is correct in the need for brevity in a poem. I would have preferred chatoyant to pearly in describing cataracts. Unfortunately, I think most people would not know what the word meant.

I just re-read a couple of your posts to see why you rated above a zero. If you left of the homilies (that word does not quite fit, but is as close as I can get), they would be good. This is only my opinion.

I do not believe this rates an 8, but will not fault you for it.
regarding some deleted poem... 19-Jan-07/6:04 PM
You are your mess. I am not sure you know what poetry is. Have you looked the word up?
regarding some deleted poem... 21-Jan-07/1:36 PM
Way to much IT.
regarding some deleted poem... 23-Jan-07/1:57 AM
Critter you will never get what you think you deserve. It does not matter how you shape your words, you are too self-absorbed to be interesting. The part about you that could be amusing, if I were the sort who likes to pull the wings off flies to watch them crawl instead of zing, is that you will pluck out of all these words nothing of my meaning. I realize this is a failing of mine, not yours. Still I think you have an extremely bad case of diarrhea.
regarding some deleted poem... 23-Jan-07/7:52 AM
I can see that you are trying. At least I think you are trying.
regarding some deleted poem... 23-Jan-07/8:00 AM
This is not close to good and as I am not a teacher of language or poetry I can not tell you what is wrong, let alone how to fix it. I am only capable of liking or disliking and I have not liked any of your posts. You have not posted enough for a real judgment as to whether or not this is for real or that you are pulling off a sham.
regarding some deleted poem... 24-Jan-07/6:37 AM
From nowhere to nowhere in 5 stanzas.
regarding some deleted poem... 24-Jan-07/6:39 AM
No, you did not.
regarding some deleted poem... 25-Jan-07/5:24 AM
Only you are captured.
regarding some deleted poem... 25-Jan-07/8:27 PM
Poor deluded critter!
regarding some deleted poem... 27-Jan-07/4:16 PM
Lower case signifying self rather good. I find this to be quite humorous (the whole of the work). Even if you are an old poster scamming, I enjoyed the read.
regarding some deleted poem... 27-Jan-07/8:04 PM
You are persistently bad.
regarding some deleted poem... 28-Jan-07/8:24 AM
Just as bad as all the rest of your stuff.
regarding some deleted poem... 28-Jan-07/12:56 PM
The content is fine. I have a little trouble with the form, but I am learning how to get over that, as a reader does have some responsibility. What bothers me is how everything is put together as an idea or group of ideas. It is like watching a bag of marbles spilling out and trying to focus on one in the stream. It could be just my bad vision (metaphorically speaking) or lack of proper intelligence (reality speaking). It seems more of a street-corner rant. (Sorry about the double message, I spelled a word wrong )
regarding some deleted poem... 30-Jan-07/7:41 AM
Yeah! One idea carried through to the bitter end. A very nice bleak picture and excellent sick humor as well.
regarding some deleted poem... 31-Jan-07/7:05 PM
The idea is unfleshed and stale in the way it is presented.
regarding some deleted poem... 2-Feb-07/4:23 AM
I don’t see or feel your music. Afire HUH? Almost as good as caressing your heart with a knife {your first post in, in case you don‘t remember, encased as you are in bliss}. You seem to be in love with the idea of pain.
regarding some deleted poem... 2-Feb-07/5:18 AM
This is your best post yet, a real hole slammer! Or is that slam dunker!
regarding some deleted poem... 3-Feb-07/6:28 AM
This is cute, but not even close to as good as your first post.

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