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Prepropositioned pudding (Free verse) by Jeremi B. Handrinos

"I will take you, and you, and you..." I say to my left hand at the fridge door as I grab a selection of left-overs, and head back to the couch to take in more than my fair share of infomasturbatory cosmic crapparoni. That's where I noticed (with a look that could only be called 'regretable'.) some fucker had gone & finger swiped the pudding? And thus begins the mystery of "The Prepropositioned Pudding". And my queer dilema.

lastobelus 12-Jan-04/1:51 AM
prepropositioned gets one google, it's been (mis)used before, by someone in the navy

crapparoni gets two googles, one by a very cute 17-year old somewhere in the midwest

regretable gets 5700 googles, it's a common misspelling, and this particular semantic misuse of the word is also regrettably common, as I'm sure you intended.

infomasturbatory, however, appears to be brand new. I compliment you. I hope it enters the lexicon, it's a tremendously fabulous word.

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