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Those weeks I slit my wrists to the Smiths (Haiku) by Jeremi B. Handrinos

She fucked my best friend "Every day is like Sunday." But I fucked her bros. Monday? Monday sucks? And not because I'm a fag It just fucking does. Junked up on the nods Tuesday I ate at Ruby's A Dennys with cheer! I'm just sick of life Who said Wednesday's for lovers? Hopelessly middled. Thursdays are when I turn into a crocked Viking. And sail the toilet. last Friday I was convinced it was still Thursday. Must have been the skirt. If it wasn't for Saturdays? I'd probably have lived forever.

SupremeDreamer 14-Nov-03/12:28 PM
Ah.. how am I sposed to know that?
I dont know much, if anything, about haikus (other than 575-) so I couldnt spot a pimple haiku if it was growing on my nose, sorry for my ignorance.

Never said you were gay or liked the smiths?- defensive today?

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