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Often, I'll sit down to pee (Villanelle) by Jeremi B. Handrinos

I often must sit down to pee and truly try to concentrate On the little girl inside me I fold my hands upon my knee Please allow me to reiterate I often must sit down to pee Morning wood won't let me be When I cannot just ejaculate On the little girl inside me I pray the guys never'll see The secret ways I'll urinate I often just sit down to pee I got a padded seat for free When I bought an Elvis plate For the timid girl inside me Boys much rather mark a tree To reassure they're straight Compared to the way I do pee On the little girl inside me

New Life Drug 4-Oct-03/2:43 PM
this sucks. you get 10's and 8's for this shit and my pee haiku gets NOTHING and I thought of the pissing way back in the day. I have to give you a 0 out of spite.

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