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Who are the best poets on poemranker? (A list by me) (Other) by Jeremi B. Handrinos

First off, let me just say, I'm damn proud to have been accepted into this highly unusual clique of backstabbing moody artists and what I consider to be, hands down, some of the best writers of poetry on the web. I've been ranking for some time now, and have grown to love poemranker on many levels. Being a poet is in my opinion a 'calling', and not for the lazy, or weak of spirit. It takes its sweet time evolving within a being... Just to come flopping out like a blind 1,000 lb Marlin at the worst time. Poets are the ultimate in artists and accordingly so, they are the nerve endings of the human race and philosophies surrounding its development and social, cultural, and spiritual diversification and or identification. In both the 'then', 'now', and 'later'. Poets, if they are true to their occupation, will do whatever it takes, no matter what, to get the words out. And selflessly they will give those sleepless nights cold sweating to the process behind it all, writing (life), in order to give it back to the universe and it's solvent form. And its many young eager recipients. I've devised this list using many different factors, and talents, and research 'overall' to form my conclusions about these poets. I have taken it upon myself to praise upon this fine day, in this fine month, in this waxing year. October 2003. The 4th day. These poets I am about to name are being singled out by me, as true poets, for many specific, and radical reasons. I'm sure those among you, that know poetry, will get the gist of my statement here without me having to go to far into 'the details', but for the sake of idiots that will go "but why them?" Let me explain. It involves technique, grammar, spelling, punctuation, titling, style, structure, imagination, humor, consistency and an overall grasp behind knowing why they do what they do when they're doing it. There are a lot of great poets on the ranker, but few that are consistant and dedicated. POEMRANKER BEST LIST ____________________ 1. -=Dark_Angel=- 2. Horus8 3. Settle 4. Christof 5. Nicholas Jones 6. Tintagiles 7. Poet and Know it 8. Zzinnia <~> 9. hatter's hare 10. Bill Z. Bub 11. ==Doylum 12. Caducus 13. http://mulberryfairy 14. Durt Kl 15. ?-Dave_Mysterious-? 16. god'swife 17. Nentwined 18. richa 19. OneFingerAnswer 20. Robert K. Foster 21. razorgrin 22. skaskowski 23. temptalia 24. INTRANSIT 25. Garrett S Sexton 26. rebeccacalvetti 27. SupremeDreamer 28. abecedarian 29. Lifeboatman 30. thepinkbunnyofdoom 31. crystal lane swift 32. Bonehiss 33. Nicholas Monson 34. sliver 35. acertaincontempt This list goes on and on, and fluctuates like outer space, and inner taste.

SupremeDreamer 4-Oct-03/5:54 AM
ah, the witch doctors
the black magician are loose
and busy pushing for the pending improvements
that you speak of.

and im doing my owl song.

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