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Rounding the corners (Other) by Jeremi B. Handrinos

Our broken dishes shunning off glue. Three more wishes, and love is forever. Holiday servants dying, as like attracts like. The food is for taking, and love is an exploding bicycle. Three day weekends you spend weeding cement cracks. Your head first, my heart second, and love is forever. Conterminously bent we can mutually absorb each other. When all has been savaged, and love's drunk on Mercury. These standards of life now tempered to fit you. Your longing is rife, since love is something that skipped over you, and duck duck goosed. Now when I round the corner to where we once were? We're not there at all, & I'm wondering if we ever were.

A. Nomaly 15-Sep-03/12:05 PM
walking through hallways of protuding corners/
jettison the right angles

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