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The Queen & The Locksmith (Sonnet) by Jeremi B. Handrinos

From sunset 'til dawn, I'm grinding your keys. It's become assembly line robotic. The truth leaves me crippled, forced to beg "please". Smirking, you herald me, "New & Ionic". You bid me, "Need nothing", but file your lines. Sparks, and the wheel's shrill, all days & all ways. Your heel in the small of me back defines. Each way a man loves, and to what he prays. You chained me with habits, and claimed, "'twas best". That a man could be drug held by your form. Needing your nature, I did not resist. My compulsive drive bid, "drone in your swarm". Now I'm hypnotised by your soft wing's song. It speaks to the yearn, I have too belong".

Jeremi B. Handrinos 6-Jul-03/8:01 PM
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