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Sonneting the samples & green eyes (Sonnet) by Jeremi B. Handrinos

Monomania and liquidifying granite. An incredible hulk to your bright eyes. Just do a lay up, try not to slam it. E tu'ing Brutes for spinach & popeyes. Rule of thumb under some hitchiker's thumbtack. There goes Thor's tongue straight to vagina. I've got thirteen pipes for your fake crack. And a Great aunt from Cleveland with angina. Holy Toledo! Beam me up Scotty! Man your torpedo! Break out the Boscati! Sometimes, for kicks, I call croutching tiger hidden dragon something different like croutching blender broken theramin.

rockinindividual 3-May-03/7:45 AM
interesting. almost too random. i can't quite get a hold of it. you have some wicked lines in there though. 6

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