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Monday night football, Tueasday? War. (Haiku) by Jeremi B. Handrinos

The tip of the spear does almost sound arousing. Just not to the French. War video game? Battle sequence play station. On line Navy SEAL. Do I see hippies? Unfortunately, not quite. Kids with zits and gum. Cool! Live from Baghdad. This is better than sliced bread. Real time' shock and awe'. A snake with no head. Ghost with note pad and glasses. Prepare to defect.

Jeremi B. Handrinos 21-Mar-03/8:05 AM
Tell me about it. I can still see the guy that the movie "born on the fourth of july" about wheeling around with a sign that says do you know who i am? As if he was a star or spokesman or somehow more credible then any of the playstation gum smackers going "wow dude, do you know who that was?... George Carlin" ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha, yeah it was a joke. i went out to protest then i was so pissed at the idiots there. i started protesting against stupid young protesters that think because their dad was steven spielburghs hippy buddy they got some kind of obligation to the planet to be stupid playstation hippies going no blood for oil, but all of them with parking stubs in their back pockets from driving and parking there? What a fucking joke, at least in the sixties they had real poets, real drugs, real sex, and some descent spokespeople that halfway sounded interesting

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