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Childhood Memories (Other) by Jessina

Beyond the farthest sphere Rainbow flaunted its myriad hue Buds of shimmering memories rose Fervently like gurgling streams Tingling my heart’s rope Of those gorgeous days Merrily dancing and singing Along with happy buddies Full of fun and cheer Playing hide and seek Plucking jasmine flowers Ardently chasing fluttering butterflies A great delight to countless eyes Gently grabbing the petals of love That comes from high With a gentle sigh Celestial bliss of true comradeship Gone are those delightful days Busy now in concrete jungle Away from life’s musical jingle How poignant this would be

amanda_dcosta 25-Oct-08/4:06 AM
Hi Jess, good to see you around. What's happening and how have you been ? Good to see your poem here.

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