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Beached (Or how I learned to give up the day) (Lyric) by Jeremi B. Handrinos

When I rounded the point There was a wind-break The sun had just yoked On the boats & their wake. I had come for fresh air And a view that was ripe To lay my soul bare And get sleep tonight. But the whales were sick too And the sky was dead red There was a storm brewing A tempest in my head. I saw no foot-steps home I felt no peace of mind It was no day to comb For sea-shells in the tide I collapsed upon knees To succumb in my fight Another prince broken In half by twilight.

SupremeDreamer 25-Aug-04/6:46 AM
Quite right my friend... but you lose a point for "prince", since I can be a asshole like that and feel good doin it.

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