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Glare of Dawn (Free verse) by OneFingerAnswer

    The storm and the night have receded,
    Chased off by the sun with which they were preceded.
    Now I face the sun and its glare,
    Blindingly bright, yet I stare,
    Fixated in awe and fear,
    Knowing come another night it will disappear.
    Forgetting the light that gave all its fun,
    I still remember the blaze of yesterday's blinding sun.
    Thinking of the dark that will in future hours be
    Hides the present moment's beauty from me,
    Staring down the future with fears of the past,
    Always watching for the Repetition's mast.
    And so now I'm watching the sun rise while missing you,
    Face warmed and window covered in the fresh dew.
    I miss the making, fearing the made.
    I still ponder over prices paid,
    But just as the road under our car goes on,
    So will the long lasting flash of dawn.

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