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Its the same old static & flaccid striptease. (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer

Displaced, devoid of desire I take in morning, reminded of whores who tease by lifting their skirts. An urge to write is followed with the urge to avoid writing utensils, the front door, and opening my encrusted eye lids. Aside from things mundane, thirst and nicotine cravings motivate me if only for a short while... I've resigned myself to observing things, absolutely stupid things really. Human activity apparently happens to be 80% spastic idiocy; the remaining 20% of activity includes eating, pissing, shitting and attempting to fuck anything with a camels toe. Reefer offers me the ability not to notice, since the pointless urge to reveal to others their retardation is best left alone; most get defensive anyway, or offended which leaves me wanting to smash their faces into a work of gothic obsession. Switched into neutral, I let the night creep and eventually engulf everything; a bored slut slowly letting her skirt float back down. Life to me is a perpetual striptease- the excitement long dead, flesh and beauty faded into subtlety.

SupremeDreamer 29-Apr-04/2:02 PM
Degrading women wasn't my goal or over-all intention with this piece, so injecting more misogynism would morph the poem from

"apathetic view on day to day life & being irritated with the mostly insipid nature of basic human activity"


"women are just dirty cock teasers and greedy, jealous, power-hungry imperialists sucking the life out of men and other women, etc, etc."

To sum this up, I'm just not really interested in degrading or bashing women and going gung-ho anti-feminism or something- its not a question of being PC either, I'm just content not over-generalizing women; they come in many colors, ugly and pretty, like everything else.

Plus anyway, that sort of thing has been done a billion ways from sunday in an array of cultural overtones- its boring, and too fucking easy, but if thats what tickles your toes, then perhaps you should take a go at it.

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