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Depression (Other) by terbenaw

Equated with darkness, happiness disguised Disfigured, like its makers, Deceit and Lies A cause for many to cry to the skies While Disgust follows, from sleep and through rise A day filled with fear, anger and despise And a night that ends with internal cries A life with purpose, yet without meaning Left with nothing, left hoping and dreaming Trust is dead, everyone is out scheming Societies vultures, ready for feeding Human interaction leaves you cut and bleeding Crying in fear as you run from your inner demons Many will join, though few will win The struggle to see true light again Stuck in a murky tunnel with twists & sharp bends It seems like progress, but you're stuck in a spin A whirlpool of fallacy, a spiral of sin A road leading nowhere, the beginning's the end You cry for help - silence is your answer Slow degradation; your soul has cancer Profanity streams out like barroom banter In melodic mayhem like drunken chanters Your mind slows down from a run to a canter And the world begins to lose its glamour Alone in your room, you sit and you think You're told you're blessed; to you life stinks One step closer; right there at the brink Rage all consuming; your vision turns pink Day in, day out, your life is now your drink A promised life lost in the time of a blink Looking for friends when there's no one to call In the midst of mental midgets, you still feel small A time-locked consciousness slowed to a crawl Your world has ended; you've "hit the wall" Who is available whenever you fall? A plethora of voices - your only friends after all You travel the world and its seven seas Journey the galaxy at uncharted speeds You have friends who are easy to please Imagination - the only friends you need Antisocial thoughts keep your fears at ease Lost in thought, oblivious, as the world bleeds

poemwanker 22-Mar-04/7:56 AM
Consider the lily.

Invigorated spandangled horsemonkey

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