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Lenola prays with a stiletto (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer

Midnight creeps while Lenola quivers engulfed in the devils breath sulphurous and keen. Despite confessions and well-thumbed rosary, she remains squalid- eyeing her husbands stiletto. She quivers in odium; forsaken- guilt gnaws her senses as she begins to realize that Jesus's magic has long been depleted. Her discarded rosary remains on the last pew alongside her silver cross necklace. The jeweled hilt held in her hands instilled serenity. The blade replaced god as she drove it deep into the priest- elated by his blood savagely spilt upon her skin. Murder with a jeweled stiletto became her salvation.

SupremeDreamer 25-Dec-03/10:40 AM
I should replace that with something else... ;/

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