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A Succubus Wedding Ceremony (Other) by SupremeDreamer

Preface: Sooner or later every male scornchild must perform this ritual- marrying a succubus is essential, a males sacred duty. A succubus wedding is not a normal marriage- it is a union of a sexual nature. The blood that flows through the children of scorn must be kept pure- diluted our race will slowly deteriorate and come to its end. Only pure-blood scornchildren know the ancestral Arcana, foreign weaklings are unable to understand it. The few times a Scorn Magus tried to edify an outsider mostly resulted in bastard cults that horribly convoluted the wisdom of our Arcana. A few of those tainted groups still linger to this day unfortunately, and the rare individuals that managed to comprehend our Arcana kept it to themselves. That is why the ceremony exists. The Ceremony: A male scornchild is escorted by a Scorn Magus to a Succuban Temple where he will await the succubus- specially chosen to ensure gestation. When she arrives, the Magus leaves and locks the two inside. Succubus scornchildren usually are not very attractive, whats worse is that their presence alone is extremely distressful. They are also violent. Frankly, the male won't enjoy himself at all- but she will. Usually the male will react violently, adding to her enjoyment. This sexual beating will last until she has tired of it, or when he cowers, which isn't likely. She then slowly seduces him. Becoming gentle and affectionate, her voice assumes a melodic timbre- succuba make full use of the strange effect this has. What the male starts to feel is an unpleasant sensation- a cross between extreme hatred and disgusted lust- accompanied with nausea, which is oddly arousing. When the male stops trying to resist the effect, he becomes docile and allows himself to be tied to a ceremonial plank-bed. The succubus then proceeds with the union, becoming sown. Afterwards she will ring a bell to have the Scorn Magus unlock the door, leaving immediately. The Magus will try comforting the male scornchild- which doesn't help much, but its tradition. Its common for the male scornchild to deal with the emotional turmoil by seeking out someone to kill- at times more than four innocents fall victim to a painful death as a result. With time the scornchild does recover fully- slowly though, and he will always remember this horrible event. And that folks, is a Succubus Wedding.

SupremeDreamer 8-Nov-03/6:35 AM
borrowed tidbits along with my imaginative add ons and twists- im pretty good at it.. should see me at work with bible interpretation, its a heretics wetdream. ;)

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