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cuts (Free verse) by kingit

i cut a crop of mandarin orange and bust its meat with prismaphyl clay-like calculation softens in the rape act iconoclastic cleavage cautions clustered crowd craziness while morbid mobs manipulate masses mentally narcissistic notions nullify novocaine needles swollen cerebellum still swivels swiftly on spinal swill the embroidered egg emblazoned on every ego enables vast discovery of non-sensicle & sensible seminal vesicle & terminal testicle visual in mandible is no article able to handle vaginal imbecile... puddle probable pull the trigger to make you bigger go figure, no rgor, no vigor tequilla tonsil wash tastes terrible tongue twist tangles tenacious turd today... today take totality to day talk tastefully tomorrow time- fuck ya today! triangular televisions take territorial trysts telepathically & bloody brown bitch bellows bionically while limboed souls hang from balconies the dope soaked brain awaits- to one day fall like wet refrigerated liver- off the counter & onto linoleum floor.

kingit 5-Oct-03/4:55 PM
b.t.w, excellent spelling in excellent!

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