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water falls (Free verse) by Bill Z Bub

through thousand small squares of open screen door rain becomes mist, collects, pools, and slicks. it thunders this BOOM in my wrist, in my head, neck, and chest when you mmm when you mmm we will bloom we will bloom.

poetandknowit 3-Oct-03/12:30 PM
Oh yeah, well I disagree with your disagreement because I want more than the storm, I want the creative metaphor of water on the screen. The water falling. The storm is cliché but the opening metaphor and maybe I took it wrong because now I see the screen door is open. So then maybe the narrator is sitting in a lawn chair in the entrance way drinking a Molson in the rain waiting to sprout mold. Who knows up there in Canada? But the water on the screen and what can be done with that -- well that is what I was talking about.

Pilsner is for girls.

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