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Phantom Space Adventure (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer

Humid shadows hover, mirage like, over my skull as I feel the pull of magnetic energy surging through my pale ghosts skin. Pushing my arms forward, I begin my flight into a sky of ebony. The rain filled atmosphere clouds my usual clear perception of the stars as I attempt to ascend to mars. The winds flow pulls me back from space, and I feel the embrace of the reeling dusty tornado hurling me off course. Our planets gravitational force yanks my electric spirit back to the earth. I experience karmic rebirth into my agonizing mental cage; my prison of rage.

<~> 5-Aug-03/7:27 AM
jim! i'm done for! a cosmic thread has warped and wrapped me, worm-and-black holed me...i die, a red dwarf among yellow giants....


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