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Memoirs of a Monk - St. Screamer (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer

Slam dunk of the drunken monk, lines written red, wine of purple grape, mouth agape in occult worship and uttering the wise words of loud nothings. Piteous Punk of the broken tablet non compos mentis eye fixed upon the decayed ghosts of once golden words hung on methodical chords new age harlot arias radiating profane lies... Timeworn trunk of the Word riddle storm intwined secrets laid within, yet only drunken priests, glare in theistic lore- the spawned son of a whore her mirror reflecting this: Jesus coughs -heaving blood: The life force of a lamb. --5, July, year of our lord 2003 -Saint Screamer. -Apostate Dreamer.

Shardik 16-Jul-03/12:45 PM
Very good, I'm proud of you, you've done it.

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