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Caesar and the Giant. (revised) (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer

-- Arrogant young self-proclaimed Caesar suffering delusions of granduer did raise his sword to poke a dwarf. Which is in actuality a giant. -Unfortunately- His hallucenagenic suffering did prevent the ability TO: Realize the creatures size and strength. -Suddenly- The giant stirs in irritation. FROM: A burning sensation originating from his arse. -So- The giant turns To see so-called Caesar. -Conclusion- The giant joyfully steps on him thinking of memories which include cockroaches. Upon the insects tombstone the giant did carefully engrave: ~~~Jeremi RGallet~~~ -Settle- Our esteemed Poem Ranker Wanker

SupremeDreamer 4-Jul-03/11:49 PM
well judging by the comments and such, people just do happen to read my poems, including you. ;) And no, I'm not going anywhere, or deleting my work. The unlimited potential you have is spent writing arrogant and uninspired shit, so I can't say I'm impressed. ;) Your vast intelligence is lacking sophistication or any brilliant sparks of genius, so its indeed ... worthless.

oh, nice scoreboard, I have my own:

RGallet: -100 hey, negative scale ;D

And please grab your toes and prepare for the 747 cock jet flying directly into your virgin arse. ;) oh, yeah, NICE WANKER MARK. hahahaha. ;) seems like your liked alot INDEED!

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