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Caesar and the Giant. (revised) (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer

-- Arrogant young self-proclaimed Caesar suffering delusions of granduer did raise his sword to poke a dwarf. Which is in actuality a giant. -Unfortunately- His hallucenagenic suffering did prevent the ability TO: Realize the creatures size and strength. -Suddenly- The giant stirs in irritation. FROM: A burning sensation originating from his arse. -So- The giant turns To see so-called Caesar. -Conclusion- The giant joyfully steps on him thinking of memories which include cockroaches. Upon the insects tombstone the giant did carefully engrave: ~~~Jeremi RGallet~~~ -Settle- Our esteemed Poem Ranker Wanker

DurtKL 2-Jul-03/11:17 AM
i'd be honored to be richa or godswife
i have no clue who this Settle is.
i have no idea who doug is.

but you know what
i never thought my JoyLuck identity needed to be questioned.
it was just joyluck. i didn't go around having conversations with myslef. well i did comment once on baginga. but not to the extent of others.
but i don't want to dishonor anyone's rep by thinking they might the author's of "baginga" or "jellybeans" or "linefuck" or that house poem.

you're from ohio eh?
what part

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