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Caesar and the Giant. (revised) (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer

-- Arrogant young self-proclaimed Caesar suffering delusions of granduer did raise his sword to poke a dwarf. Which is in actuality a giant. -Unfortunately- His hallucenagenic suffering did prevent the ability TO: Realize the creatures size and strength. -Suddenly- The giant stirs in irritation. FROM: A burning sensation originating from his arse. -So- The giant turns To see so-called Caesar. -Conclusion- The giant joyfully steps on him thinking of memories which include cockroaches. Upon the insects tombstone the giant did carefully engrave: ~~~Jeremi RGallet~~~ -Settle- Our esteemed Poem Ranker Wanker

thepinkbunnyofdoom 2-Jul-03/8:54 AM
Yeah he likes making people feel lame and get tired of the repeation of the argument. When an intelligent comment won't work he'll draw you back into trying to insult you by saying things like Suck A <insert animal's name here> Ass. Then most likely you'll responed with either something like wise childish or brilliant, but either way he'll end up controling the arguement by defeating Individual points so that you focus more on those few rather than all your points. He argues like D.A., with a blend of logic and irrational thought. He'll probably probe each in his first few comments to see which bothers you the most and then go with that til your feeling competent on out witting that and then he'll switch to the other seamlessy. He'll try and have you balancing your comments so that you end up muddling yourself, and then do this same dance until you admit defeat.

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