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Caesar and the Giant. (revised) (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer

-- Arrogant young self-proclaimed Caesar suffering delusions of granduer did raise his sword to poke a dwarf. Which is in actuality a giant. -Unfortunately- His hallucenagenic suffering did prevent the ability TO: Realize the creatures size and strength. -Suddenly- The giant stirs in irritation. FROM: A burning sensation originating from his arse. -So- The giant turns To see so-called Caesar. -Conclusion- The giant joyfully steps on him thinking of memories which include cockroaches. Upon the insects tombstone the giant did carefully engrave: ~~~Jeremi RGallet~~~ -Settle- Our esteemed Poem Ranker Wanker

DreamerSupreme 2-Jul-03/7:48 AM
concerning a contest of wit and him running circles around me, i know that i face the large odds against me winning in such a contest against settle.

do you mean to say that since his joke is an opinion makes it improssible to disprove? I don't agree exactly.. -shrug-

Then i could prove my opinion concrete and impossible to improve but im not going to be that silly. I dont challenge his view, I dont have a mission to change his opinion, he can keep it if he likes. I simply point out that his statement saying that all the poets on poemranker are zeroes is incorrect and false. And I go further to point out his arrogance.

I didn't deny him the facts considering his ability or skill.

I enjoy jokes, and a wide variety and style of jokes.. but i dont find his poem to have an inkling of humor, as it went being being amusing into being insulting. Maybe your right when you suggest that im taking it too seriously.

But, Joke or not, it doesn't convince me to back down.
Btw, maybe i wont be able to succeed in a battle of wits with him, but do you think i could give him a good fight atleast? oh well.

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