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LeBlanc III 20-Mar-03/9:11 PM
I am sick today.
My heart hurts deeply.
A feeling of helplessness has overcome-
my sense of hope and well being-
for my nation, my damaged city, my world.
My spirit grieves.
Watching the tv news last evening I saw the-
President throwing boyish fits again to start his war.
Bush pounded his chest like an enraged teenage gorilla-
ready to attack another tribe at the high school-
to prove his manhood- just for the fun of it.
The power of it.
The "high" of it.
Alone. The savage gorilla screamed, "War. War. War!"

"I am hungry!
I am really hungry.
I feel like killing.
I feel like stealing.
I feel like raping.
I feel like maiming.
I am starving.
I need to make war NOW!"

The gorilla shrieked at the peacemakers.
"I don't give a God damn what you think.
King Kong will have his war.
Get out of my way!
I don't give a God damn what anyone thinks.
I want to make war.
I will make war!"

My soul hurts deeply today.
Bush is using our beloved nation,
our army, our treasure, and our name to ruthlessly
build an empire the American people do not want.
To steal the oil prize of the world stage.
To extend his ill gotten power.
To reward his corrupt oilmen backers.
To take our entire planet down the possible-
road of no return to WW3 to avenge his father.
The CIA father who put his son in the presidency-
precisely for this purpose:
murder, theft, mayhem, death, war- oil.
Raw power.

I am sickened deeply-
when I realize that our spineless Congress-
gave the Bush-boy unlimited power to play solitaire-
with our lives, our destiny, our future.
Bush alone decides when Americans will die.
Starting shameless, needless, wars in our name.
America's tarnished name.
America's misused Constitution.
A Democracy in name only.

The boy tyrant was not even elected.
Everything has gone wrong since.

It hurts.
It is scary.
It is wrong.

The distrustful gorilla is lying to the people.
There is no need for war.

Bush is immoral.
Bush is unAmerican.
Bush is shameless.
Bush is wrong.

I know.

Speak up. Speak out. Protest. Vote!

Vote Progressive Democrats Into Every Office In This Great Land!

Let us, the peacemakers, gather together
and take back our America with nonviolent dissent. And you and your retarded friend who don't understand that I am Brandon from NV are worried about my hairy ass?

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