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Makin' Bacon (Free verse) by NICKDRP

It's early, yes i know But it's Sunday and it snowed What to eat, let me see Makin' bacon, I agree. Sausages or cereal, they're all good But today it's bacon, we all should The smell, the sizzle, I'm ready to eat Makin' bacon sure is neat.

NICKDRP 18-Mar-20/12:45 PM
Its been years..and i know
making bacon can be slow
all you comments
all your slurs
means we know
snow and sleet
sunday morn
family love to talk and eat
its all about the sizzle
and not the meat
when will you all learn
stop analyzing the repeat
off we go, making the bun
tomato and cheese
its all about fun

good bye for you all :)

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