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Two More Cunts Who Are One Cunt (Free verse) by mr cunt

Two more total cunts For your conisideration: Dr Peter Douglas Colin Skilton But the funny thing is this: They are the same silly cunt!

colin skilton 31-Jul-07/2:01 PM
and asnother thing you miserable excuse for a wanking sin of a bitch. My second name is douglas, that means i am colin douglas skilton, got it?
If you look up as i did on the internet, Dr Peter Douglas, there are three people with the same name.
Two of them have photos as i have on poetryshared, look at all three photos and cunt for brains you will see that we are all different so fuckhead where do you get off saying i am two p[oeple? well i'm waiting you fucking wanker.
Don't you or any other of the miserable bastards that use this excuse for a poetry site ever bad mouth me again.

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