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Fuck Shelters, & fuck OutReach Court. (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer

It's a chore arriving early to EHC, home of the homeless whore, dropped off by he who calls 'imself G. The faces at the front desk are new, but their attitude's the same; superiority complexes uglier than a Jew's. My schizophrenic friend greets them with glee. "Dood, I'm so fucking high, oh my god. My ass itches, too much tongue on m'brown-hole from scurvy bitches." Silence, disgust, and hatred glares back in return. Psychosis continues.. "Nah nah, man, I'm just fuckin' with ya. What's the deal with court, like, what the fuck am I s'posed to do?" Discomfort finally urges the lowly employee to reply, though it seems he'd rather violently bid us goodbye. "Court starts at eleven. We'll call you in the courtyard where you may wait until court begins. Don't cause any trouble, or we'll ask you to leave. I have no problems with calling the cops." This shit-hole never fails to hate on me just because my associate happens to be psychologically challenged with retarded glee, and 'cause my fashion sense is rather shabby. Never mind the fact that these self-righteous fuckers used to be unemployed, mad, & residentially challenged, like me & the rest of these petty penny-pan hustlers. You found Jesus & a junkies bible, fickle soul damaged, made quick 'n desperate friends with the good pastors' wife, licked 'er twat clean, spiritual scars bandaged by her lust. I'm sure Jesus'll forgive two adulterers. Manage to hold out, court starts & we enter hyper-bored; judge who handled the HP scandal's there, lookin' penguin. Impatient with my associates antics, who I barely ignored, spewing GreenPeace & fantasy-born images of good livin'. Ten hours imposed service was given me 'n my rage soared. "Come on man, so I failed to pay for a light-rail ticket five measly times. Can't you dismiss this bullshit?" He assures me nothing in life is given free, and I agree to court ordered slavery, filled with negativity as I watch him drive off in a spankin' new Corvette. Goin' to start prayin' everynight for him to painfully die. Maybe God'll mellow me out & Jesus'll decide to forgive me. Till then, I'll just sleep outside 'n be like urban Zen, praying that I'll never have to go to this shelter again.

half.italian 11-Feb-07/10:39 AM

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