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May Sinners Rot In Fucking Hell! (Free verse) by Sing4Jesus!

O sweet Lord Jesu how I love only Thee Hanging, nailed up and dying in agony, Dying on the Old Rugged Cross in old Israel On that little old Jew green hill far away; And yet I know that Thou liveth and wilt return, And that then Thou, O Mighty Great Christ, Thou wilt SMASH and PULP sinners and mockers Into a million worthless pieces in RAPTURE, With a gnashing of teeth and much hideous WAILING And everyone who is not BORN AGAIN will grovel, Begging for mercy on that wondrous Judgement Day! But mercy there will be none, oh definitely no; Jesus Christ will take REVENGE and will institute An unending aeon of agony and torture for the wicked; But I do not fear that glorious day, for I am born again And I shall be sitting at Thy table, revelling In really tasty things to eat, like wine and roses And huge amounts of nectar and apple pie. Hallelujah! Bring on the tumbrels to cart off sinners And load them into the furnaces of fiery Hell Where Satan can give them a damned good roasting For all eternity while the saved have a great time!

Engelbert Humpalot 13-Nov-06/9:58 AM
I only wish I could vote twice for this one!

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