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Left (Lyric) by Miggy

Never get the chance to focus Not seeing that smile Without you no one will notice Every tear of my cry (Bridge) Don’t know how I feel After you said it was final Don’t know how I feel After a wasted try (Chorus) Can’t see a reason why You want to depart Through all the years we spent Cause you’re not the type To give me a heart With nothing left When we were happy together Felt as though I can’t get higher But breaking up in my heaven Drops me from the blue sky (Bridge) (Chorus) You had left Lost the love to stay (Knowing that) I’ll be left In horrible dismay (But now) I’m gonna turn left If you made the right decision Want to be left So you could envision (the pain) (Chorus/Ending)

drnick 29-Jul-05/10:45 AM
Boooooooooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, if you haven't noticed...the whole love-theme you've got going on here may be popular but it sucks. The lyrics are way too specific. This is the type of song girls in High School sing a long to. Try taking some drugs and write about that.

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