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Last Night (Free verse) by Roisin

Last night, blade in hand she sat, pent up anger rising through crimson slits, frantically shaking away drips of despair. All the pain only relative, an evaporation from the mind condenses on her body. Today she soaks smeared stains in cold water, wipes up any sticky puddles she can find, wears a jumper in summer and makes time to tune in to the saccharine soap she watches every day. There is a patch of dried blood on the bathroom door handle where a hand pulled at it to be free. I do not wipe it away. I want her to catch sight. To see herself in it’s reflection, And me; the absorbent dam in her pain's reservoir.

Roisin 29-May-05/6:22 AM
Ooooh, you are a pernickety little thing aren't you? Think about it...the cycle is closed, like the water cycle. An evaporation thus condenses on her body though it could equally stay in the same state but it has obviously been affected by further factors which force it into this transitional state. The cycle is closed but there is obviously a fault to the cycle in that is is is not able to fuction properly without a plug. I have tried to answer your criticism though i do not believe you had a point to answer in the first place.

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