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Revolution (Free verse) by Nitroxide

A world washed with greed I escape through my morning glory seeds Fringed hearts Growing tired,weary minds Dreaming of the prophecy for peace A breaking point in mankind Bewildered by lies Drowned by corporate tides A simple sensation seeds in the soul A powerful word echoes In the mind... REVOLUTION... Time for change,mental transformations With illuminating revelations of a sick society Clinging to superiority One day a pure race will exist protected by enlightment myst Utopia...Nirvana Itll come till then... Raise your fist Speakout and resist...

whispern_smoke_wisp 9-Mar-05/3:43 PM
i like the intention but, i dont think we will ever have a Utopia, at least not one this earth, things can get better but they wont change, until people do

and people haven't changed that much at all since the time of the grecians,

thats 2000+ years of human nature working against you

it would be nice though (the utopia)

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