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Echo On The Rocks (Other) by PsydewaysTears

Like ladybugs In October You reappeared to me. You waited 'til The world was ill To come and set me free. I prayed for you And late you came. Some prayers are best unheard. Your tears slipped out, They pleaded me— I left without a word. I'd rather be Alone and lost And here without a hope, Than glued to you, Upon that cliff Without my faithful slope.

Dovina 30-Dec-04/12:05 PM
Comes the picky Dovina, like a bluejay to eat the ladybugs, and ask what all this means. Or rather to say again that I think the thing should give enough clues that I wouldn't have to ask. Okay, she cried, you left, and you feel okay with ending the codependence.

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