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Vodka kisses & the final sigh, v.II (bloody vodka remix) (Villanelle) by SupremeDreamer

Scarlet burnt sky & vodka kisses goodbye; really was nice talkin 'n smokin, till our last weary mumbles & the final sigh. Fatigue our bodies can not try to deny; it's bitter 'n grim, just like sin served stiff, with vodka kisses goodbye. Our glasses are full, yet lips remain dry-- This bleedin red sky keeps burnin till our last mumbles, & final jaded sigh. Time passes, our cigars burn & slowly die; cool blue smoke starts witherin-- our hip mood swiftly vodka kiss'd goodbye. Rosy-red brow saggin, smiling, mad & sly. Killed the last warm shot of gin, before our weary mumbling & the final sigh. Rubbin my sore-achin 'n crusted left eye, as my ole belly starts a-blazin from devil sky & stiff vodka kiss goodbye-- bloody mary stirrin my last wry & tired sigh.

INTRANSIT 8-May-04/1:13 PM
Better beat, verbage. Quite.

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